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What is the BEST printer to purchase?



  • Dave Hefty

    Hi Misty.

    It's really hard to keep track with new printers coming out every day. What you want to look for is a very simple and small mono (black only) laser printer, with paper tray that can extend to hold legal size paper. All the features beyond that, like size, speed, etc.. are bells and whistles, would depend on your needs (are you going be taking this on location) and your budget.


    Operations Manager


    Hi Misty,

    My wife and I just bought a Brother. We went to Best Buy locally to see what recommendations they had and then we shopped for best specials. We ended up finding the a deal on Amazon that was 30% off.  Also, we recommend laser over inkjet because of speed, quality and high cost of inkjet cartridges, but either could work if you have an inkjet and don't want to purchase a new printer.

    Dave Hefty 

    Dealer Support

  • Misty

    Thank you so much.  Both you and Danese have been very helpful.  My husband says he will get right on the search. 

    Thanks again, 


  • Sue Nowak Nightingale

    Misty we stick with the brother 2170w and works like a charm 59.99 at office max. If it dicontinued they will match it with a current model. Very economical to use. And  google how to stretch your ink cartridge. Laser printers will make you replace cartridge based on # of copies its "supposed to print" and there are some tips and tricks to stretch the toner....Im at aprox 1000 extra copies from when the toner told me to replace and the quality is still beautiful.

    Hope you find a good printer

  • Parker Philpot

    The only mono printer I ever use for (any all-Black printing) is the Laserjet HP1012. Yes, it's a Hewlett-Packard discontinued model, but no printer I've ever used is this kind of workhorse. I keep one on backup and buy one every time I find a good deal on a used, refurbished, or new one tucked back on an online dealer's shelf.  (Never needed my backups though. So I let colleagues use them so they are in-town accessible if I need it quick. ) 

    Only three jams in a year (always my error) and the toner is reasonable from the mftr ($69 for about 2,000 letter-size sheets at about 10% coverage in my experience). I must say, however cautiously advised, I have used reliable, quality remanufacturednon-OEM cartridges ($29 standard yield/$39 double-fill) from longtime, high-rated pro sellers. But, I insist on the highest quality toner for my products. 

    HP does make updated, current models similar to the HP1012, but some lack the all-important single-sheet path on top of the paper-holding tray (Actually, my HP1012 and some of the newer HP's will let you hand feed up to 7 sheets, but they say single.) So, if anyone has any HP1012 units they want to sell, I'm your prospect. 

    (TIP: Just don't try to take your printer with toner as carry-on baggage anymore at airports. They will take the toner! :)

    From Parker's Pen

    --a writer/children's bookmaker/literacy advocate 

  • Dave Hefty

    Hi Parker, I know what you mean. I miss the HP1200!

  • Karien du Plessis

    We are looking at buying a printer and I saw that you said the brother (can't remember the model name) but anyway, the pixels is 2400x600. Is it necessary to have that resolution or would a 600x600 be fine?

  • Dave Hefty

    Hey Karien, 

    To be honest, I'm not even sure what the pixel resolution is for our printer. I don't think it matters because you're only printing words in black and white. The one we chose had two trays, was wireless, and most importantly it was around 40% off on Amazon. It's important to note that our machine is great for home office, but it would be HORRIBLE to cart around for on-location events (way too big), so make sure to factor size into your decision if you plan on doing on-location events.

  • Parker Philpot

    If I may add more input on pixel and printers...  

    Keep it simple on the printer.  In today's market, no need to invest any more than $150 for what's needed for plain black printing. Too many sales, close-outs, rebates--and they are cheap ($49 and up, because the manufacturers want the revenue stream from toner sales; so they will practically give you the printer :) 

    This type of printing---text in personalized books---requires no higher than standard 600x600 or even less. 

    I don't recommend using the econo-saver setting for anything that needs to be long-lasting and high-quality. Econo-type, lower-pixel or -dpi (dots per inch) setting is likely to produce a tad bit charcoal or grayish tone sometimes. However, that's always a great way to stretch toner and save money on routine, day-to-day, non-professional, temporary documents. 

    (I'm sure that ''ink jet'' is not ever being discussed; that's never good for high-quality products, in my opinion. Laser or Laserjet only, right, Dave?)

    Also, use only top-quality toner from a consistent-quality compatible brand toner merchant,* or pay top price for the OEM or original equip. manuftr's cartridges for business use. So be cautious, informed, and get referrals; it's too important for the business. Personalized books must look great now and last many, many years. The kids are counting on it! :)

    *Not all sellers use properly calibrated, quality, compatible or remanufactured cartridges. Junk toner in, junk product out; plus, bad toner/cartridges could damage your equipment. 

    Happy printing and $elling, 

    From Parker's Pen

    -a writer/children's bookmaker/literacy advocate

    P.S. Self-refilling your toner cartridges? that's another kind of animal and a whole new subject.  

    Oh, and please recycle toner cases... and you can get paid for those empties, too! 

  • Dave Hefty

    Hi Parker, just saw this again today while sharing this post and remembered I forgot to tell you Thank You! (Great post)

  • Chris Pelkey

    In the process of buying a Laser Printer and have come across the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w. Very reasonably priced ($89.99 with FREE Shipping) and has the required necessities and specs. Any feedback on this printer... Pros or Cons?

  • Dave Hefty

    Hard to go wrong with HP laser printer.


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