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It is a children's book I myself wrote and illustrated



  • Debbie Thomason

    I have done the same thing ... has there been any response?

  • Dave Hefty

    Hi Debbie and Glenda, 

    Can you give a bit more explanation about what this would be and what you'd have in mind for it? 

  • Glenda Brill

    Hello Dave,

    Can I send you a personal email explaining what the book is about and if this is something hefty Publishing would like to publish or not. I don't like giving out personal ideas on a comment page like this since everyone can read it.  I don't know where to send a manuscript or a dummy book idea to hefty Publishing, but I don't like this open comment for sharing ideas like this.

    Please let me know how to go about this.

    Thanks, Glenda Brill My member ID MAY5005  More about me on my blog:

  • Dave Hefty

    Hi Glenda (and Debbie), 

    My apologies, I totally misread what you were referring to. Because it was under Promotional ideas, I thought you were either talking about some way to promote your business, or that you had some customization to a book you were doing in the software. 

    Because we only sell books through our distributors, it's important that we have dealer interest in the new story. So for that reason, the best thing would be to add a post in the "new book ideas" section. You do not need to go into any details more than a few words. For example,  "Book for Animals" or "Book for Grandparents." This way you're not giving anything away, and it gives other dealers a chance to "vote" for the idea.


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